Prices / Hiring

All my hats are custom made so will vary in price depending on what your requirements are but as a guide:

Feather caps start from £150
Mohawks start from £120
Top Hats and Pith Helmets start from £170

However, it is possible that the price could be slightly lower and obviously somewhat higher, it all depends on the cost of materials used and the time taken to create your hat.

Once we have consulted I will have a much clearer idea of cost and if I come under estimate I will always be honest and reduce the price accordingly. Likewise if I feel I have to adjust the price up due to more research on cost of materials discussed I will always inform you and get confirmation before starting.

Another way to do it is for you to give me a budget and then I know what kind of materials I can use.

To Hire
I have a certain number of hats that I have simply made with no one particular in mind, that are just part of my collection. These are available to hire for only £20 per 2 day period but also require a deposit of £100, returned when I have the hat back in reasonable condition. They are of varying styles and sizes. If you are interested then you will need to give me your head measurement and then I can send you photos of the ones that should fit. If any of them take your fancy you can come and try them on and see them up close.

Measuring your head
Measure with a dressmakers measuring tape around the largest part of the head, just above the eyebrows. Or use string and then carefully measure string against a more rigid tape measure. You must be as accurate as possible for the best chance of a good fit. Usually I will purchase a hat one size up and then fit a velvet ribbon band on the inside for the most comfortable fit.


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