Burning Man 2013 – Cargo Cult

Apologies for the awful photography (let alone the super late post!). These were made for Josh and Sophie who spent their honeymoon at Burning Man in 2013. The theme was Cargo Cult. I spent more time trying to source an appropriate model WWII cargo plane and the correct scale natives than I did making the hats! Knowing they may be worn at night as well as day I included some EL wire for illumination. See more close up photos in the galleries.



This hat was made for model Olivia Inge. She asked for less height than a previous hat I’ve made her as she’s pretty tall and was having issues with doorways when she wore it! I love these tropical colours together and the way they burst out from an otherwise quite classy frontage!

Poetic Peacock

This hat was made for my sister Kim, she is a journalist and blogger (see my links page – her blogs are hilarious) and has a lot of love for the Thomas Catterton poem “The composition of my soul is made, too great for servile avaricious trade, When raving in the lunacy of ink, I catch the pen and publish what I think”. So I found the appropriate bead letters, combined with lots of pretty bits of random jewellery and strung them around the hat. Tall peacock eye feathers add height and elegance.

Perfect Pangram

This hat uses old typewriter keys. As you only get one of each letter I googled sentences using every letter of the alphabet once (what’s called a “perfect pangram”) and there are about 12 but none of them seem to make much sense if you have an average or normal grasp of the English language. This one made most sense, it reads: Blowzy night-frumps vex’d Jack Q.

You could take an eye out with that!

This steampunk inspired top hat was a xmas present for my brother, Jae. On New Year’s Eve we had a Time Travel themed fancy dress event at my club. He wore it well but nearly took a few eyes out with the clock hand sticking out of the top!

Featured in Vogue.com

Last year I was featured in Vogue.com in an article about a new wave of milliners. Not sure I even think of myself as a milliner but it was very flattering. Then recently, presumably because of said article, I was contacted by Tatler Russia and was asked for photos of more hats for a potential feature. The lady said she shared an office with Vogue Russia and Vogue Turkey, both of whom were also admiring the photos. Well la-di-dah!

Woodland fun!

This is a woodland scene top hat I made for my brother-in-law, Gee. He likes owls. He is a bit of an owl himself… good eyesight, very wise and his head turns 360ยบ! That’s a complete lie, he has terrible eyesight!
There are also a couple of little peacocks on here as well as a little ladybird, frog and butterfly. So hard to get all the detail in the photo but believe me it’s there.
I had such fun making this hat that when I’d finished I wanted to do it all over again. It all came together very naturally once I had all the bits in front of me. The end result was even better than I hoped, though it has yet to be properly tested for wear and tear.